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At Movement Chiropractic it is our mission to make sure people regain control of their health through neurologically based, corrective chiropractic care. Health is not merely the absence of symptoms, but it is the body’s ability to adapt and change under different circumstances and stresses. We are committed to help every man, woman, and child in our community live a life of optimal health. Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. We believe disease prevention lies in the promotion and support of what our bodies were naturally created to do. Our vision is to change the health of our community by educating and empowering every individual who comes through our doors.  Join the Movement and take back the health you desire to have!
Dr. Bryan
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Toni Duke Smucker
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Dr. Bryan Hammer | Chiropractic Reviews

LOVE Dr. Bryan! He is an excellent doctor. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

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Jenni Echols
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Dr. Bryan listens and is very thorough. I highly recommend Dr. Bryan for your chiropractic needs!

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Dr. Bryan grew up in Roseville, Michigan. He was involved in football, baseball and ice hockey. Growing up, he always dreamed of playing sports professionally, so he dedicated most of his time to improving all aspects of his game on and off the field. Over time, the constant wear and tear began to break down his body and resulted in a serious back injury. He tried every route imaginable to resolve this injury, but nothing offered any relief. Seven years after the initial injury, he finally tried chiropractic care. Dr. Bryan was the “miracle” patient that witnessed a huge improvement in his health and overall ability to perform after one adjustment. It was that life-altering adjustment that drove him to actively pursue a career in chiropractic.

Dr. Bryan moved to Atlanta, GA to attend Life University in 2011 and graduated in December of 2015. He and Shelbe met during their last year of school and were married in April of 2018. A few months later, they made the decision to pursue their dream of opening their own office. They moved to Sharpsburg in 2019 to be near the office and family. 


They are both dedicated to serving Peachtree City and the surrounding communities as a Coweta Chiropractor and Peachtree City Chiropractor Specialist. Their goal is to improve the lives of the current, as well as future, generations by empowering practice members to make wise decisions for their health that will allow them to thrive.


Dr. Bryan Hammer, D.C.

When not in the office, Dr. Bryan enjoys playing hockey, golfing at the local golf course, and is active in the Crossfit community at Crossfit Shakerag.

Shelbe Hammer


Peachtree City Chiropractor | Chiropractic Coweta County | Shelbe Hammer | Nurse

Shelbe Hammer was raised here in Fayette County but moved away to pursue her degree in nursing. She and Dr. Bryan met in college and then got married in 2018. Shortly after, they began to dream of opening their own chiropractic office. As a couple they moved back to the area in 2019 and began the process of starting Movement Chiropractic! Since then, they have been blessed with the cutest four legged addition, Ruby (who thinks she runs the office), as well as their daughter, Ember.

Chiropractic has become such a huge part of Shelbe’s life.

She was adjusted a few times when she was younger following a couple of neck injuries but was never taught how life changing consistent care is. Over the past few years, she learned that we all have a God-Given ability to thrive when we take care of ourselves properly. Not only that, but proper alignment of the spine, as well as curve correction are so important and can make all the difference in your health and overall quality of life.

When she’s not at work, she enjoys spending time with family, exercising at Crossfit Shakerag, and traveling!


Shelbe Hammer

Bridget Koosemann
Accidents and Injuries Chiropractor | Chiro PTC | Bryan Hammer DC | Dr Bryan


Bridget Koosmann joined the Movement Chiropractic team in 2021 after being a stay at home mom for more than 13 years. She and her husband Dan moved their family here from Wisconsin in 2018. They have 3 boys who attend Rising Starr Middle School and Starrs Mill High School. She said their family has fallen in love with Georgia-especially the winters!


She has a passion for healthy recreation and has spent much time over the years traveling, hiking, camping, and mountain climbing with family and friends. She also challenges herself with workouts at Crossfit Shakerag.


Bridget Koosemann 

However, Bridget says being of service to her family, friends, and community is what truly fuels her soul. This is why being employed with Movement Chiropractic is such a great fit for her!

Emma Bull


Peachtree City Chiropractor | Chiropractic Coweta County | Shelbe Hammer | Nurse

Emma was raised in Knoxville, Tennessee and moved to Georgia in 2020 after getting married. She graduated college with degrees in biology and nursing. While working as a registered nurse, Emma gained a new perspective and appreciation for the human body. She was fascinated at the body’s ability to endure and overcome illness & disease, and this sparked her interest in alternative medicine and holistic approaches to healing.

As a chiropractic assistant, Emma enjoys consulting with

patients and following along in their journey of discovering just how good God designed them to feel. She believes the welcoming community at Movement empowers all individuals to achieve their optimal health! 


Outside of work Emma enjoys shopping, working out at CrossFit Shakerag, and hiking with her husband and border collie.


Emma Bull



Chiropractic Biophysics or CBP is the most reproducible, scientifically validated technique in the chiropractic profession. With over 150 peer-reviewed studies, and 7 textbooks, it is unmatched in its proven effectiveness. The goal of CBP is to restore normal spinal alignment in order to allow your body to heal naturally. Unlike traditional chiropractic care, CBP seeks to eliminate the cause of your health concerns. By using knowledge from various disciplines including anatomy, physiology, neurology, physics, and geometry, an ideal spinal positions can be established to create an individualize corrective protocol for you and your family. ~ Restoration Health Chiropractic | Arkansas



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