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Your Peachtree City Chiropractic office providing full body softwave healing


Residents of Peachtree City, GA, seeking comprehensive pain management and full-body healing have an exciting option at their fingertips – SoftWave therapy. This innovative approach, offered at our local chiropractic office, harnesses the power of highly effective shock waves to initiate cellular-level biological regeneration. In this blog post, we'll explore why SoftWave therapy is the perfect solution for those looking for holistic pain management in Peachtree City.

Understanding SoftWave Therapy

Before we delve into its advantages, let's first understand what SoftWave therapy is and how it stands apart from other modalities. At our Peachtree City chiropractic office, SoftWave therapy is administered through the creation of shock waves using a high-energy electrical discharge in water. These shock waves are generated and applied to the body in an unfocused manner for better healing. What sets our chiropractic office apart is that we deliver this low-intensity, unfocused energy via a patented parabolic reflector applicator – making us the sole providers of unfocused shock wave therapy in Peachtree City.

The Power of Surface Area Coverage

One of the most significant advantages of SoftWave therapy is its remarkable ability to treat a larger surface area compared to other modalities. To put it simply, while some treatments are akin to "putting drips" on a dry surface, SoftWave therapy is like "dumping a bucket of water" – covering a substantial area with its parallel waves. This wide surface coverage is particularly essential for pain management coinciding with chiropractic adjustebts, ensuring that we can comprehensively address all affected areas of your body.

Multi-Area Joint Treatment

At our Peachtree City chiropractic office, the patented probe used in SoftWave therapy allows us to simultaneously target multiple areas of a joint. This approach is especially beneficial for patients dealing with joint pain or injuries that do not want to pay for "guess-work" injections of stem cells, peptides or go under the knife for invasive surgery. Unlike other wave therapies that require sequential treatment, we offer a more efficient and time-saving approach that is arguably more powerful per treatment. This means that you can experience the benefits of appropriate treatment in fewer sessions and a shorter timeframe.

Effectiveness of Soft Wave Therapy

What truly sets SoftWave therapy apart is its remarkable effectiveness in pain management and full-body healing. The shock waves we generate initiate biological regeneration processes at the cellular level, promoting natural healing within your body. This thorough soaking of tissues with energy-rich shock waves stimulates your body's innate healing response, leading to faster recovery and pain relief. Many of our Peachtree City patients have reported significant improvements in their condition after undergoing SoftWave therapy. Here is a client of ours that was able to drop 2000mg of Advil daily with the first round of SoftWave PTC treatment.

Listen to more of our client stories here.

Frequency and Tissue Penetration

Frequency plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of SoftWave therapy and its ability to penetrate deep into your tissues. Unlike some other therapies, we utilize a higher frequency at the beginning of a care plan, allowing us to reach deep-seated and chronic pain conditions efficiently. This deep tissue treatment is precisely what's needed for holistic full-body healing. In contrast to ultrasound therapy, which operates with narrow bandwidth and lacks peak pressure and fast rise times, SoftWave therapy provides a more robust and comprehensive approach to treating your pain.


In conclusion, residents of Peachtree City, GA, seeking a chiropractic office that offers comprehensive pain management and full-body healing need look no further. SoftWave therapy, available at our local office, is a revolutionary approach that can provide the holistic solutions you've been searching for. With its unique features, wide surface area coverage, multi-area joint treatment, and deep tissue penetration, SoftWave therapy is the ideal choice for those in Peachtree City seeking relief from pain and the path to full-body healing.

Unlock the power of unfocused shock waves today and experience the potential for faster, more comprehensive healing and pain relief right here in Peachtree City by clicking the button below to give our office a call.

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