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The future of healing starts with SoftWave therapy, which utilizes powerful shock waves to trigger cellular-level regeneration. Shock waves are generated through high-energy electrical discharge in water, fostering a biological response without causing harm. Unlike radial pressure waves, SoftWave produces true shock waves with rapid rise time and deep tissue penetration. The SoftWave Applicator offers a wider and deeper treatment area than other Shockwave devices, revolutionizing healing possibilities without invasive treatments. But don't take our word for it, read below about the remarkable potential of SoftWave therapy for enhanced healing and revitalization. Schedule here.


Alternative technology

SoftWaves are made by using a powerful burst of electricity in water. Imagine the electricity running between two points like a spark. This spark creates a really hot bubble that pops out and presses on the water around it. This quick process makes a lot of pressure in just a tiny bit of time, like a super quick moment.



Shock waves are like strong bursts of energy that give a powerful push and a quick pull. On the other hand, radial pressure waves are more like gentle puffs of air that push gently but pull strongly. The cool thing is, shock waves go deeper and are better at reaching the spots we want to help inside our bodies. They're like the superheroes of waves, going where they're needed the most!

Radial pressure wave used in focused shockwave technology
True shock wave from SoftWave TRT used in unfocused shockwave technology
Comparison of an unfouced and focused applicator of shockwave and radial technology


Better Applicator for Healing

With the special SoftWave applicator the treatment works better because it covers a bigger and deeper area. Think of it like a wide and deep beam of sound energy. Compared to other methods, SoftWave can treat more of your body at once, making it really effective.


SoftWave v.s. Radial Pressure Wave Treatment

Let's talk about the two waves used for treatment: unfocused shock waves and radial pressure waves.

With the SoftWave TRT unfocused method:

  • You'll feel much less pain during treatment.

  • You won't have any bad side effects because there's not much negative pressure.

  • The treatment area is big, so you might need fewer sessions and get better results.

  • The waves can go deeper inside your body, covering a wider area for treatment.


On the other hand, with radial pressure waves:

  • You might need numbing cream to help with the pain.

  • There's a high negative pressure, and the energy stays near the surface, which could lead to bruises.

  • The energy becomes weaker as it travels, so you might need more sessions.

  • The waves can't go deep into your body, so the treatment area is small and only on the surface.

SWTRT Unfocused comparison to radial wave graphic softwave ptc
Softwave machine specs compared to other shockwave therapy and radial machines
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